Legal Consultancy Department

About us

Legal Counsel is a main service unit established in accordance with Article 51 and Articles 26 and 35 of the Decree on Article 51 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions no. 124. It is directly dependent on the Secretary General and the Rector's Office. In the disputes of our university with third parties and institutions, it is obsolesve to represent, protect and defend the University in judicial and administrative authorities. He also provides consultancy services within the University in legal matters.

Even if our university is a student or staff; Our consultancy is not authorized to provide counseling services to private persons or to pursue private cases of persons.


To organize and resolve the services of our University and its affiliated units in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation in accordance with the general principles of law, universal values, human rights, equality and justice, defend the rights and interests of the judicial and administrative authorities in disputes and disputes in which the legal entity of our University is a party, and to assist in the execution of their savings in accordance with applicable legislation.


Within the framework of the understanding of the State of Law specified in Article 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey; Based on the principle of rule of law, the administration's acting in a law-abiding management approach aims to be a model within our University and among other universities with a modern, quality, fast and reliable service approach based on universal values and the general principles of law.